Samtastic Saturday!

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Hiiiiiiii!!!!!! This is Sam!! Finally it’s Samtastic Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

In this blog I will be showing y’all all the presents I got for my birthday!!!!!!!!

Sooooooo you might think I got a LOT of presents buuuuut I have a very big family!


I got the Pusheen the cat coloring book!!!! *squeal squeal squeal*



I got a set of 40 markers for my coloring book!


I’m really into duct tape crafts, but I always finishing rolls of duct tape, sooooo I got 7 big rolls and 2 little ones! The big rolls are: pink sparkles, unicorns, tye dye, owls, plain pink, plain purple!!!! The 2 little ones are pink purple and blue hearts, and the other one is a rainbow zig zag pattern!


My best friend Tia came to my party for a sleepover. Tia and I are really big on crafts so she made me a little owl! Her eyes are sparkly! I’m going to give this little stuffie to Beezus cause it’s the PERFECT size!!!!


If you remember Beezus’s blog about Emily and me, you would remember that I’m growing up in the big city, but I HATE it!!! I wish I could live in a little country town… buuuuut anyway, I always wanted one!


Once again Emily pops up! I always wear cowboy boots, buuuuuut my last pair were dead, sooooooo I got new ones!!!! *squeal squeal squeal*


Minion tic have! If you don’t know what they are they are like mints!



I got erasers!!! I will NEVER use these!!!! They are WAYYYYYYYYYY too cute!!!



I got a Kawii Poop pencil sharpener!!!!!


That is a shower gel!!


Lip gloss, decorated with animals!


Bibbity bobbity boo!!!! That’s my wand!


More coloring books!!! Yum yum in tum!



Last but not least, my very own wallet!!


Yayyyyyyyy!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all my presents!!!! Thank you to everyone who got me anything, even cards!!!

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Samtastic Saturday!

Hi guys!!! This is Sam!!! Soooooo if you didn’t know this, I’m telling you now!

Beezus’s blog used to be mine! She stole it from me!!!! She erased all my blogs and changed to make hers.

She and I decided to do Samtastic Saturday!!!!

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Samtastic Saturday is every (duh) Saturday! Every Saturday only, I repeat only, can post on this blog!!!!!

I can post whatever I want! And there is no limit of blogs I can do!!!!!


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I broke Sam’s arm!

Sam’s not mad at me or anything like that… buuuuuuut I did brake her arm!

Hiiiiiiiiiii beartastic humans, bears, and stuffies!!!! Soooooo you might be worried about the title, but it’s not that bad, right? Braking my favorite person in the world’s arm? Right? Not!

How, you ask?

Sam and I had a sleepover at Sam’s grandparents house. They live 3 blocks behind our house, so Sam rode her bike over there with her backpack on her back!

The ride there was great! My first bike ride!!! *squeal squeal squeal*

We had a GREAT time!!! Sam got a free cookie at Jake’s Bagels, which is the reasturant they love going to. Sam got the cookie cause her birthday on Friday! (btw there will a blog about her party on Friday, and my birthday party on Thursday!!!!)

Buuuuuuuut, on the ride home today the bag I was in got stuck on the wheel of the bike, and then Sam went flying headfirst 6 feet away from the bike… The reason it’s my fault cause the bag that got stuck was full of the stuff that I made her bring with us to the sleepover.

Sam was on her own. It was her, and me. No one was coming to the rescue… No prince was comeing to rescue the damsel in distress…

Buuuuuuuut I called Sam’s dad on her phone. He picked us up, went to the hospital and got her cast.

Soooooo I broke her arm, buuuuut I kinda saved her right?

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2 Month Anniversary Good News!!!!!!!

Hiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! Sam wanted to write this blog, buuuuuuut never fear Super Beezus is here!!!!!


(That’s my superhero cape, Sam’s mom got it for me!!!!!)

Okkkkk! Sooooooo I really want to thank you all for your prayers about Sam’s mom, cause it helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooooo it’s beartasticly wonderful I get to tell you this awesome news on my 2nd month Annervisry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are going to call Sam’s mom by her middle name, Lynn.

Lynn had a surgery and they took a bunch of cancer out of her breast. They did a bunch of tests and the only cancer that they had found is the stuff they took out!!!! Lynn  needs plastic surgery to fix her chest, but then the cancer is gone!

Lynn will need to do a radiation therapy or whatever it’s called, and kemo for 5 months, and see if it comes back or it stays away. She won’t be able to go back and teach kindergarten, and will lose her hair from the kemo, but what would you choose? Dyeing from cancer, or losing your hair, I mean right?

Sooooooooo basicly Lynn, Sam’s mom, is ok for now!!!!!

I think it’s kinda cool that good news comes right on the 2nd month Annervisry of my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Soooooo I had a thought…

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*drumroll please*                                         Soooooo I want to do a series of crafts!!!

Buuuuuuut, the question is what do I make??????

Sooooo I would beartasticly appreciate your ideas for a craft project!!!!

They have to be safe, but the one thing that the craft has to be is something Baxter, Sam or I could use…

I would beartasticly appreciate it if it would be something I could use!

Sam just got new shoes today, sooooo mabye we could make something using the shoe box???

Sam is very talented at making flowers, so mabye she could do a craft blog?

She can make tissue paper flowers, tissue paper pom poms, and tons of other tissue paper things!!!

Please comment down below about your ideas, we will most likely make your idea!!!

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Bad news🙁

This is Sam! Sooooo I have bad news as you can tell by the title…


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Don’t worry it’s not about my Mom.

Sooooooo I really hate to do this, buuuuuut Beezus and I had to make a decision: Beezus’s blog or Stuffies World…

Beezus’s blog is still going, buuuuut Stuffies World won’t be.

I’m not going to delete the website just in case we figure out how to do both.

Buuuuuut yeah… Super sorry!

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