Interview Stuffie’s Series

Hi beartastic humans and stuffies! This will be a very short post because I'm explaining a series that I'm starting! The new series will just be me interviewing Sam's stuffies! (New and old!) I will most likely have stuffies that aren't just Sam's stuffies, sooo yea! By the way, I made the photo for the… Continue reading Interview Stuffie’s Series


Hi guys!!! Beezus here! Soooo I found this blog earlier today. It's called American Girl World! So the blogger's name is Miranda. I think she just started blogging because she only has a couple posts but this thing she's doing is kinda cool! She lives in America like me. Sooo just today she published a blog saying… Continue reading

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo I had a thought... *drumroll please*                                         Soooooo I want to do a series of crafts!!! Buuuuuuut, the question is what do I make?????? Sooooo I would beartasticly appreciate your ideas for a craft… Continue reading

Stuffies World

OMG!!!!! *squeal squeal squeal squeal* Sam and Winter  (we have officially named the Bear from the lake Geneva  Winter) Sam and Winter have created the blog Stuffies World!!!!!!!!! There is only one post so far, buuuuuuuuut there will be more!!!!!! Click me to go to Stuffies World

Q&A part 2

I'm SOOOOOOOOOO SUPER DUPER SORRY!!! I totally forgot to add these questions!!! Sooooo here they are: For Sam: 1. Yes it is. Well technically Samantha Emily. I was named by my 7 year old sister. Samantha the American Girl Doll, and Emily Elizabeth from the Clifferd. 2. On my 11th birthday. 3. Ummmmm... when I… Continue reading Q&A part 2

Hiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! Ok, soooooooo, Sam had a thought... Mabye we could start a blog kinda like Stuffie Week, with each day a different stuffie could post a blog about them or whatever they want to talk about... or having a stuffie theamed DIY... idk whatever they want to do. Then after all Sam's stuffies have had… Continue reading

Hi guys!!!! I'm super duper sorry I haven't posted my Q&A yet it will most likely be posted on Thursday. I'm also sorry for not blogging about Tuesday and Wednesday. Ok, soooooooo Tuesday was SUPER boring. We had breakfast lunch and dinner at da clubhouse. And and in between food we were swimming in da… Continue reading


In this Q&A Sam Baxter and I will all be answering the questions. This is my key: (It's color coded) Sam Beezus Baxter    1. What's your fav food? Pizza!! Do drinks count??? Drinks: coffee, food: chocolate chip cookies!!!! Ummmmm... apples dipped in caramel! Sam's mom always gets this one brand of caramel!!! 2. If… Continue reading Q&A

Hi guys!!!!! I've decided I'm going to do a Q&A!!! I already have 1 question. I'm going to try and do at least 10 questions. Sooooooooo, that means I'm gonna need at least 9 more! If you have any just comment down below!!! The questions came be for me, Sam or even Baxter!!! At 12:59… Continue reading

Hi guys!!!! I was wondering if y'all had any things you wanted me to blog about. Maybe a Q&A? idk.... Well if you wanted me to do something that I don't usually do  then comment down below. I kinda feel like I need something new, you know? If you don't want me to change the way… Continue reading

After a little more time at the pool we decided were going to leave. When we got back to the condo gma took a nap. Sam's mom was talking to the doctors about her cancer thingy. Sarah was playing on her phone. Sam was reading her book, while I was snuggling in her arms. After… Continue reading

Hi beartastic humans, bears, and stuffies!! I have good news and bad news. Bad news: We're leaving the condo at like 11:30 (in da morning) on Thursday. Sam's mom has a surgery scheduled Friday. You're probably wondering why don't we just go home on Friday then? Well she has to be at the doctors at… Continue reading

Hi beartastic humans, bears, and stuffies!!! Last night was my first official night at the condo!!! When Sam and her dad come up they always get up early and go down to the lake together. Sam says after 9:30 the lake gets SUPER DUPER busy. But in the early morning the only people out are… Continue reading

Sam's mom layed down for a nap, Sarah watched tv, while Baxter and I went on an adventure!!!!! Grandma, Sam, Baxter and I and were going on a golf cart ride!!! Here are the pictures we took: After we drove around looking at all the beartasticly beautiful houses we drove to the lake and walked… Continue reading

Hi guys!!! We have been at the condo for about 5 hours so far. When we first pulled in Abby Springs Resort (the place where the condo is) we went to the clubhouse. If you don't remember the clubhouse, it's this REALLY HUGE building with an indie pool, outdoor pool, restaurant, golf shop place. The… Continue reading

Hi guys! I'm SOOOOOOOO SUPER DUPER SORRY!!! I forgot to add the other nominees I had for the Liebster Award so hear they are: Kimberly Eleanor Clark Anika Joy K.A. Zielle Dennis Life Behind a Camera Saanvi Hooves and Pens Check out the blog I did yesterday, it will explain everything!!! 

August 18, 2005 Two baby girls were born. No one would have thought years later they would become the best of friends. August 24, 2010 There was two girls, who were neighbors. They met on the first day of kindergarten. They became fast friends. It turns out they were both going to kindergarten early. Everyone… Continue reading

Hi humans, bears, and stuffies! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry I have yet to finish the Peoria blogs!!!! Peoria is a small town in the middle of corn feilds, sooooooo that just that just shouts NO WIFI!!!!! Our hotel made people pay 4 dollars and 99 cents for ONE DAY OF WIFI!!!, And that's only for ONE… Continue reading

Peoria #1

Time to go!!! I'm soooooooooo excited!!! *squeal squeal* Sam said we should get to Peoria around 11 o'clock so then we can get lunch, unpack, and hang out at the hotel for a while before game starts! For the majority of the car ride we played spot da bear. I won!!! Sam, Sam's sister Sarah,… Continue reading Peoria #1

Hi humans, bears, and stuffies!! I'm soooooooo beartasticly excited!! *squeal* Today we are leaving for *drumroll* Peoria!!!! If you watched my latest YouTube vid you would know what I packed. If you didn't then go search Beezusdabear!! But I forgot to show you what stuffies Sam is bringing. The pink pig: Piggie The bear with a… Continue reading

  Beezus: Today's really nice out. What can I do?? I can play spot da bear... Or go swimming... YES!!! I can go camping!!!! I have to go find Baxter!!!  Baxter: I was almost asleep. I was happy, I finished the box of cookies now it was naptime. All of a sudden Beeezus bursts into… Continue reading

Hi! This is Sam, Beezus and I spent all day trying to figure out how to say this, but I think I got it. Beezus and I are just amazed that so many people are just like praying for my mom. I can't even describe how many good people are in the world and how… Continue reading

Sam and I were thinking that if y'all would like an a update on Her? You all just were worried about Sam's mom/my grandma. If you don't want us to do that it's ok. If you want us to give updates, do these 2 things #1 Star or like this post #2 Comment down below… Continue reading

Hi beartastic friends! A lot of people were worried about Sam and I soooooo I have little bit about my family. The first thing is about Sam's mom. Sooooo you will probably be seeing a lot of craft pics that we have done because when Sam and her mom get stressed they make A LOT… Continue reading

2 things

Hi beartastic friends! In this blog I will be telling you about 2 things!!! #1 Peoria!!! Aunt Sarah has her National softball tournament in Peoria Illinois!!! We're leaving EARLY Wednesday this week. We will be at a hotel! #2, crafts Since Sam's mom has been diagnosed with cancer, Sam and her have been doing TONS AND… Continue reading 2 things


Hey there my beartastic friends!!!! Did you know I have a YouTube channel??? It's Beezusdabear. It's a new channel, sooooo I only have a couple videos. If any of you beartastic bears, stuffies, or humans have suggestions of what to do in a video comment down below! (P.S. it has to be safe, and not some thing… Continue reading YouTube

Hi guys! This is actually not Beezus, this is her owner/human/aunt Sam. Sooooo Beezus let me write this on her blog, so let's get started. Appreciate your family and friends but mostly your family. One day your parents won't be there anymore. My father has Parkinson's disease so my mom does pretty much everything. My… Continue reading

Then the car came to a stop. At a HUGE HUGE building... a human filled building... "What is it???" I asked Sam. "It's called Jewel Osco. It's a store." "It's a whaaaaat????" I asked. "Jewel is a store which has things that you can buy. We're going in there to get some more food for… Continue reading

How 2 find me

Hi bearfriends!!!! Beezus da bear here!! Here is how 2 contact or find me! Follow me on Twitter: Beezusthebear @samwillman1 (my handler) Subscribe 2 me on YouTube: Beezusdabear Email me at:!! Hope 2 see u following/subscribing 2 me soon! Chat with me on email!!! XOXXO *bearhugs* 💖

My favs

I figured I would tell a little more about me so you get to know me. Please comment down below about your answers to these questions. Remember this isn't all about me, I want to hear about you as well!!   What is your favorite dessert? My favorite dessert is probably vanilla ice cream with… Continue reading My favs