Hi guys!!! Beezus here! Soooo I found this blog earlier today. It’s called American Girl World! So the blogger’s name is Miranda. I think she just started blogging because she only has a couple posts but this thing she’s doing is kinda cool! She lives in America like me. Sooo just today she published a blog saying that starting today on September 18th- October 18th she’s doing American History Month. So it’s not a technical natinal day/month but it’s super cool because there are the history AG dolls. An example is the Mary Ellen doll. She is based off of the girls in America in the 1950’s. Her outfits that she comes with are that style in that year!

So what Miranda is doing is for this whole month she’s only dressing her dolls in the historic dresses. She will be doing only historic stuff with her dolls for a whole month!

Go check out her blog!

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Sam’s Mom Update

Hiiii!!!! Sooo we haven’t heard much about Sam’s mom for a while, buuuut she just went to the doctors on Wedsday! Soooooo this is gonna sound really bad but it is really bad! (I’m not gonna say her first name but her middle name is Lynn!)

Okkkkk. So Lynn is having a surgery on October 9th. Basicly they are going to cut off her breasts and scrape off all the breast tissue. (AND I MEAN SCRAPE) Sooo on Lynn’s front upper body is gonna be totally flat. It will just be her muscles and her rib cage there…

Then after that surgery she is going to have to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks after the surgery so she doesn’t like die in her sleep, or that something dosrnt go wrong. That means Sam’s grandma Lily, (also her middle name) is going to stay with Sam for almost a month.

Then, (I know right it’s like ”wait there’s more?”) Then she has to get her ”eggs” (I don’t know how to spell it) taken out of her!😮😮😮😮

Soooooo yeah! I know, it’s super bad, buuuuut at least this will not make die as quickly, right?

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Stuffie School

Stuffies go to school! You might not have known or even thought about if stuffies go to school, but they do!

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Stuffie School is almost always different in all the different schools. I mean not all the stuffie’s in the WHOLE ENTIRE world can’t have the exact classes, and stuff that they learn, you know?

In Sam’s stuffie school the classes that all the stuffie’s get no matter what are Math, ELA, and Stuffie History. ELA is a abbreviation for English Language Arts!

There are a few classes were the stuffies can pick 2 they want to do! Stuffies can pick Art, Singing Class, Science, Spanish, or Craft Class!

Art is different from Craft Class. Art is drawing, painting, clay stuff, and making stuff out of oil pastels! In Art class you make what the teacher picks out but in Craft Class you can make whatever you want! Spanish class is kinda self-explainitory. It’s where you learn how to speak Spanish! Singing Class is, duh, where you sing. Science class is like science experiments. Or explodeing stuff. (The teachers don’t want you to explode stuff, but we do it anyway!)😂😉😇

Every stuffie has Math, ELA, Stuffie History, free time, and lunch!

My schedule is:

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1st period is Math

2nd is ELA

3rd is Art

4th is Free Time

5th is Lunch

6th Stuffie History

And 7th period is Craft Class

And then dismissal is at 3 oclock!

All the stuffie’s classes are 1 hour long but lunch and free time are only a half an hour!

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Stuffie Bedtime Story

During the day stuffed animals were just regular stuffed friends. But during the night they came alive to help out their fellow humans…

At night stuffies would turn into stuffed warriors to fight off the evil dreams…

Stuffies would sneak out once their human was asleep. They would go into the sewer drains and fight the evil demons of the night…

They would fight crocodiles, clowns, vacuum cleaners, and anything their human was afraid of…

They were cute, friendly, and cuddly during the day but at night they were soldiers fighting the evil dreams that huant their owners in their sleep…

The End!

Hi guys! So did you like Sam’s story??? Sam would tell this story to her little sister every night before she went to bed. Sam would come up with a new story every night talking about the stuffie’s night time adventures!!!


Craft Time!!!!


Beezus will be writing in pink

Chip will be writing in this blue

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Hi guys Beezus here! Chip is here with me! 

Hiiiii!!!!! I’m going to start with my two crafts! Then Beezus will come in with her craft!!!!      

Hiiii! Ok soooo I’m going to be showing you how to make a phone and a laptop!!! So, first thing you need to do is print off a front and back of a phone!


Those are our print-outs!! I’ll start with my laptop!

First cut out the front and back of your laptop.


Then quite easily, glue them together the right way!


All done!!!!

Now you have your laptop!!!!!

First for your beautiful phone, print out the front and back.


Cut them out.

Next glue them together, then BAM! Magic! Your new phone!!!!


We are introducing a new bear in this blog! Hope is her name!


She has a twin sister named Faith. Hope is Sam’s and Faith is Sam’s grandma’s bear.



They got them when they went to Saint Ambrose University. SAU is Sarah Sam’s sisters collage!

We also made Lora and Bannanas a phone. (Chips best friends) 


New Friends; a Photostory


“Chip you really need to go out and make new stuffie friends.” Beezus said to me.

“But-” I started

“No buts! You are going out! You are going to go make new friends!!!!”


I walked into the toyroom. There was big stuffies everywhere!!!! I looked for small ones like me. No not seeing any yet. Oh wait! Right there, two of them!


“Hi!” I said. They looked over at me. Uh oh! Am I blushing? What are they thinking?????

“Hi” said the monkey.

“Who are you?” Asked the puppy.

“I’m Chip the Chipmunk! I’m new. I just got here today. Beezus saved me! I’m just trying to make some friends.”

“I’m Laura the dog! Nice to meet you Chip!”

“I’m Bannanas the monkey!”

“Hi!” I said. “Hey, wanna go watch Full House?”



“Come on you guys! Let’s go!!!” I shouted.



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I’m so happy! I made two new friends! TWO!!!! *squeal squeal squeal squeal* I can’t wait to tell Beezus and Winter!!!!

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Hi guys!!!!!! Beezus here!!!! This isn’t a real post I just want to say that I’m going to try to make more photostories! Buuut the reason I’m writing is because not all the photostories are going to be written by me. It could be anyone that is a stuffie writing a photostory. They just have to get my permission and be a stuffie.

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